Important for its biodiversity, El Yunque National Forest
is also known as a sacred place as the Taíno people
believed that the good spirit
Yocahú Bagua Maorocoti
reigned on the sacred mountain of Yuké, protecting the
land of Boriquén (Puerto Rico) and the Greater Antilles.
While other companies offer sightseeing tours of El
Yunque, AdvenTours shares Nature with our visitors
through our different and unique programs with a
Naturalist Guide.   

We have temporarily moved our offices to Fajardo as
we just signed a contract to establish a branch of our
business in Roosevelt Roads.  We offer ours tours
a sustainable tourism approach sponsoring local

Whether you want to explore and learn more about El
Yunque on you own or with one of our Naturalist Guide,

we invite you to navigate through this section
.  Bird
Watching, Nature Walks, Night Hikes, Glow-in-the Dark
Mushorroms, EcoTour, Hidden Wonders, and The
Hybrid) are available on a private basis for individuals,
but they are also available for groups.  Ancestral
Areytos, Hiking and Outdoor Adventures, are only
available for groups or extended families.  

Remember, these are private tours, we do not mix
clients.  Once you reserve a date, we will not offer the
tour to anybody else.
View of El Yunque National Forest from our home in Luquillo.
What is a tropical rain forest?

A tropical rain forest is a forest occurring inside the
World's equatorial regions in areas of heavy rainfall.  
They are restricted between the latitudes 22.5° N and
22.5° S of the equator, in other words, between the
Tropic of Capricorn and the Tropic of Cancer or 1,400
mi. North and South of the Equator.
What makes El Yunque so special?

El Yunque was selected amongst the 28 new Natural Wonders of
the World.  

Located in la Sierra de Luquillo and with approximately 29,000 acres
of land, El Yunque National Forest is one of the most important places
in Puerto Rico due to its
biological diversity.

  • Endemic Birds
  • Approximately 35 species of migratory birds
  • Habitat of several endangered species, plus
  • Over 240 species of native trees (88 are rare and 23 endemic
    to the Forest)
  • 50 species of native orchids, including world´s smallest orchid
  • Over 150 species of ferns
  • 127 species of terrestrial vertebrate
  • 14 different lizard species
  • Over 1,200 insects
  • 10 aquatic invertebrates
  • 7 species of fish
  • 9 species of freshwater shrimp
  • 1  freshwater crab

NOAA - National Weather Service PUERTO RICO
Of the 71 known
species of
bioluminescent fungi
in the World, 4 are
found at El Yunque
National Forest.  
Special weather
conditions should
take place to see
them.  Join us during
our night hikes in
search of this unique
Looking for fungi and coquis at El Yunque National Forest.
100% of your money is spent locally, not abroad.
The good spirit 'Yocahú Bagua Maraocoti" reigned on
the sacred mountain of Yuké, protecting the land of
Borikén (Puerto Rico) and the Greater Antilles.
If you want to reach the
Clouds, kiss the Sun, or
hug a Tree and feel it´s
Energy, contact us.

Don´t miss this
unique experience!

We follow EcoYoga Principles.
If what you are looking is not shown in this section, please
contact us and we will customize your trip as per your needs.
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After hurricanes Irma and María, access to El
Yunque is limited.  Our tours have been
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