Connecting people with the Healing Forest
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Private groups only by appointment
with a minimum of 4 PAX
and a maximum of 12 PAX
on a private basis
(by appointment only).
You will meet your guides on site.

Transportation included from
San Juan, Isla Verde, Río Grande,
Luquillo, Fajardo, and Ceiba.

Stops at:

* La Coca Falls *
* Yocahú Tower * Portalito Hub *

Select your trail:
Mount Britton Hike
(7:00 AM - 1:00 PM)
(challenging; private groups up to 12 PAX)
La Coca Trek
7:00 AM - 3:00 PM
(4 hrs. X-treme trekking experience with river
crossing; private groups up to 12 PAX)

* Light lunch included *
I N D I V I D U A L S · E X T E N D E D · F A M I L I E S  &  G R O U P · T O U R S
By appointment only
Mt. Britton or La Coca Trail
San Juan Port: you can book this tour if you are ready and out of the ship on or before 1:30 PM, ship should depart at 3:00 PM (morning tour) or 9:00 PM (afternoon option).
If you are short of time, we are flexible on departure and arrival times.  Pick-up / drop-off available, please ask for quote.

Ceiba Airport/Ferry:  Pick-up / drop-off is available, starting and ending times are flexible.
Yes, they are back!   Hiking trips at El
Yunque National Forest with AdvenTours
have returned with two improved options
private groups only.

Mt. Britton Trail (2,493 ft, .8 mile one-way)
is a
Level 3 (challenging) hike with
breathtaking views on clear days of the
Forest, the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea,
and  the northeastern and southeastern
coastal plain.

La Coca Trail will be available as of
March, 2019.  This will be a
Level 5
(Xtreme) trek that includes river crossing.
Once a week
Challenging; X-treme
7:00 AM from San Juan
Selected hotels
4 - 8 participants
Yes, only by appointment
Always required
Guide expenses,
lunch, or tips
Effort Level
Meeting Time
Private Trip
Not included
AdvenTours PUERTO RICO  is an equal opportunity provider
under special permits at El Yunque Naitonal Forest.
Special Terms & Conditions
El Yunque National Forest
  • Before booking this hike, please
    verify availability.  You should
    read the Cancellation Policy in
    our Terms & Conditions before
    completing the Availability
  • The price is based on a private
    trip with a minimum of 4 and a
    maximum of 12 participants.
  • If you need to cancel you should
    do it in written before the tour.  
    Please read our Terms and
  • Each participant should complete
    a waiver form before departure.
  • Pick-up / drop-off available from
    San Juan, Isla Verde, Río
    Grande, Luquillo, and Fajardo.
  • Sign Language Interpreters
    available upon request at extra
Country / State
Children <12 yrs.
Terms and Conditions
Your initials here.
Due to the number of people visiting El Yunque National Forest during the Holy Week/Weekend (Wednesday through Sunday, including Good Friday and Easter) and the month of July, we DO NOT OFFER
tours to El Yunque other than the Night Hike and/or Ancestral Areyto.  Access to the Forest is limited and we cannot guarantee the quality during those days.
Mt. Britton
El Yunque National Forest is closed on
December 25th.
La Coca Falls
Take the road less traveled, explore, eat, drink, relax, enjoy!
Activities and tours at El Yunque National Forest (Birding Trips, Hidden Wonders, El Yunque EcoTour, El Yunque Nights, The Hybrid) are offered on a private basis and
require a minimum of participants.   Flexible departures.  Non-smokers only.
Please check availability as your first step to book a tour with us.  Itineraries could vary the day of the tour as some of this attractions could closed for different reasons,
such as:  private activities, power failure, Government special activities where they close access to some locations without previous notification.
Yocahú Tower
You should wear long pants and long sleeve shirt, hiking boots;
sorry, no flip flops.  You must bring walking sticks.

La Coca Trail:

You should be physically fit to hike and carry your own backpack
with at least one bottle of water (1 liter), fruits, and light lunch.

If you are pregnant, have a back or knee condition, asthma, or
heart disease,
La Coca Trail is not for you.  You must be at
least 21 years old to go on this hike.

This trek is weather permissible.  
Do you offer pet-friendly tours?  Yes,
we do offer pet-friendly tours to El Yunque National
Forest on private (personalized or customized) tours.  
We will provide a crate (please let us know dog size).  
Please be prepared with leash and poop bags.
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· n a t u r e  ·  a d v e n t u r e  ·  c u l t u r a l  ·  e d u c a t i o n a l ·  t o u r s ·
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Celebrating 26 years in business!
Certified Interpretive Tour Guide Service for the EcoSensitive Traveler
As part of AdvenTours PUERTO RICO
corporate social responsibility in 2002
we founded
APIE, the Puerto Rican
Association of Interpretation and
Education, Inc

APIE is a non-profit organization that
offers training and continuing education
for tour guides, plus a series of activities
for the general public, focusing on
children, students, and educators
Proyecto Mucarito).

In 2014 we created an
Annual Fund to
promote scientific research on birds, $1
of every tour we offer is added to this
· Birding Trips since 1992 ·
When you book directly with us, 100% of your money is spent locally, not abroad.
All photographic material on this website is copyrighted by AdvenTours and/or its contributing photographers.   Photos should not be reproduced or exploited in any way without written permission from AdvenTours or Birding PUERTO RICO.
© 1992 - 2019, AdvenTours PUERTO RICO.
787.530.8311 (2:00 PM - 10:00 PM, Monday thru Friday)
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Eastern Birding Loop
Eastern Nature Program
Bird Watching - Ponce
Endemic species:   Tody,
Elfin-woods Warbler, Lizard Cuckoo,
Bullfinch, Tanager, Spindalis, Vireo,
Green Mango, Emerald, Flycatcher,
Woodpecker, Adelaide´s Warbler,
Yellow-shouldered Blackbird.
Combine the half-day El Yunque
Birding Trip with Medio Mundo and
Daguao (Ceiba Forest) and save!  
You will be visiting different birding
spots in Río Grande, Luquillo,
Fajardo, and Ceiba.
SAVE 20%
Transfers & transportation
available 24 hours.
Contact us for price.
Transfers, Transportation and Tours by AdvenTours PUERTO RICO
If what you are looking is
not listed here, drop us
an email at your
2:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Updated May 3, 2019.
HOT DEALS Click me!
Save $10 when you book a second tour
directly with us and within the same region.   
You can combine trips from our Eastern
Heritage Program, such as:

  • Bird Watching Trips - half, full, and
  • El Yunque National Forest - Same
    forest, different options:  birding trips,
    Hidden Wonders, EcoTour, El
    Yunque Nights, and The Hybrid.
  • Butterfly Tour
  • Old Naval Station at Roosevelt
    Roads - This is the third installment
    of our defense system series.
  • Sunny Luquillo - This trip combines
    El Yunque National Forest with
    Luquillo Beach and as an extra
    bonus, the Green Picnic.