"A great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do." Walter Gagehot
Looking for glow-in-the-dark
at El Yunque National
Join this special event!
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Half and full day activities
* Half and full day nature oriented activities *
Moonless Nights
Bird Watching - Our Nature Program in the
eastern region includes half and full day
birding trips in different locations.  Due to
limited access to El Yunque National Forest,
we have added shared/open/public birding
trips during the high season.

El Yunque Rainforest - El Yunque is the
only tropical rain forest under Forest
Service Administration.  AdvenTours is one
of the few outdoor adventures companies
with special permits to offer different types
of daylight and nocturnal activities, such as:  
Birding Trips, Hidden Wonders,
EcoTour as daylight activities and The
and El Yunque Nights on a
seasonal basis.

Butterfly Tour - Three half-day options are
included in this series of which two are
offered in the western region while an option
is available in the east.  We will be looking
for endemic species from Puerto Rico and
the Caribbean.

Sunny Luquillo - A tropical rain forest, a
well worldwide known beach and our green
picnic in front of the Atlantic Ocean is the
perfect combination for a full day trip in the

As there is limited access to El Yunque
National Forest due to the impact of
hurricanes Irma and María, the
activities are offered on a private basis,
but we have open it to the public as a  
special/open/shared event
and require a
minimum of participants.  It is offered on a  
monthly basis:  
moonless and full moon
.  These activities have flexible
departures, let us know your needs and we
will customized the best tour of your
I N D I V I D U A L S · E X T E N D E D · F A M I L I E S  &  G R O U P · T O U R S
Available for small groups on a private basis; for shared/public activities, check our Special Events page.
Suggested activities from our Nature
Program departing from the east:
San Juan Port: please check each tour for recommendations on arrival and departure times.  If you are short
of time, we are flexible on departure and arrival times.   Look for the icon for
slow mobility options.
Pick-up / drop-off available, please ask for quote.

Vieques/Culebra Ferry Terminal and/or Ceiba Airport:  Pick-up / drop-off is available, starting and ending times are flexible.
Not everything that you read in the web is
true, we still don´t have a national bird.
Volcano evidence at the Rain Forest?
Join us, El Yunque Hidden Wonders
For more strenuous activities, please visit
Outdoor Adventures section; customized
nature activities and Road Trips, please
check our
Regional Menu.
If you are staying or plan to stay in San Juan
and you are looking for
private nature
tours, the eastern region is your best option
as it offers similar activities to the ones you
will find on the western region.  These
alternatives are
offered by appointment
only and on a private basis
and are
considered under Effort Level 1 and 2.   
Sunny Luquillo combines El Yunque  EcoTour
with Luquillo Beach and the Green Picnic.
Do you have endemic butterflies?
Yes, you will see them during our Butterfly Tour
Puerto Rican Spindalis (male)
AdvenTours PUERTO RICO  is an equal opportunity
provider under special permits at El Yunque Naitonal Forest.
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AdvenTours PUERTO RICO  is an equal opportunity provider under special permits at El Yunque National Forest.
Updated November 16, 2019.
When you book directly with us, 100% of your money is spent locally, not abroad.
Transfers & transportation
available 24 hours.
If what you are looking is not
listed here, drop us an email at
your convenience.
2:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Take the road less traveled, explore, eat, drink, relax, enjoy!
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