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Best alternative when you travel with kids.
* Discover El Yunque from another perspective *
· Birding Trips since 1992 ·

Connecting people with the Healing Forest
I N D I V I D U A L S · E X T E N D E D · F A M I L I E S  &  G R O U P · T O U R S
Certified Interpretive Tour Guide Service for the EcoSensitive Traveler
30 years in business!
One Forest, many options.
Available for small groups on a private basis; for shared/public activities, check our Special Events page.
What makes El Yunque so special?
The Great Outdoors!
· n a t u r e  ·  e c o l o g i c a l  ·  c u l t u r a l  ·  e d u c a t i o n a l ·  a d v e n t u r e ·
Forest Service
Authorization YNF22030
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What is a tropical
rain forest?
A tropical rain forest occurs inside
the World's equatorial regions in
areas of heavy rainfall.  This type
of forest is restricted between the
latitudes 22.5° N and 22.5° S of
the equator, in other words,
between the Tropic of Capricorn
and the Tropic of Cancer (1,400 mi.
North and South of the Equator).

Important for its biodiversity, El
Yunque is also known as a
as the Taíno people believed
that the good spirit
Yocahú Bagua
reigned on the sacred
mountain of Yuké, protecting the
land of Boriquén (now known as
Puerto Rico) and the Greater
  • Birds:  111 species, 16 of 19 of
    our endemic birds
  • Reptiles:  11 lizards, 3 geckos,
    5 snakes species
  • Mammals:  11 native bats,
    5 introduced species
  • Amphibians:  13 endemic frogs,
    plus 1 introduced species
  • Fish:  6 native, plus 1 introduced
  • Plants:  more than 1,000 species
  • Trees:  of 225 native species;  60
    are endemic and 8 are endemic to
    Luquillo Mountains.
  • Ferns:  Over 150 species
  • Flora:  636 native species,
    including 50 native orchids species
Due to the number of people visiting El Yunque National Forest during the Holy Week/Weekend (Wednesday through Sunday,
including Good Friday and Easter) and the
month of July, we DO NOT OFFER tours to El Yunque other than the Night Hike
and/or Ancestral Areyto.  Access to the Forest is limited and we cannot guarantee the quality during those days.
If what you are looking is not listed here, drop us an email at your convenience.
When you book directly with us, 100% of your money is spent locally, not abroad.
Take the road less traveled, explore, eat, drink, relax, enjoy!
For European Nations,
contact us only via
regular phone or email.
Transfers & transportation
available 24 hours.
Book Now!
2:00 PM - 9:00 PM
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All photographic material on this website is copyrighted by AdvenTours and/or its contributing photographers.   Photos should not be
reproduced or exploited in any way without written permission from AdvenTours or Birding PUERTO RICO.
© 1992 - 2023 AdvenTours / Birding PUERTO RICO, updated September 1, 2023.
AdvenTours PUERTO RICO  is an equal opportunity provider under special permits at El Yunque National Forest (Authorization ID: YNF22030).
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If you are traveling with kids and prefer to go on your
own, a Scavenger Photo Hunt option is also available
El Yunque National Forest is
closed on December 25th.
Do you offer tours to Las Paylas and Las Tinajas?

Both Las Paylas and Las Tinajas are located on the
boundaries of El Yunque, off-limits of El Yunque National
Forest. The access to those areas are through private

Do you need to book through a tour company to go to
Las Paylas and Las Tinajas?

No, you don´t, but if you go, you need safety equipment. If you
book through a tour company, play it safe and make sure that
their company is legit and they have an insurance. Most of the
"accidents" reported in Puerto Rico in the outdoors take place
in Las Paylas and Las Tinajas.

Do you offer experiences?

Long before the word "experience" was introduced as a new
marketing tool for short term accommodations, we were already
offering private tours.  Tour and experience is basically the
same as long as you have an excellent Certified Tour Guide.  
La Coca Falls
Dear Hilda, -- We just
wanted you to tell you
again how much we
enjoyed touring El
Yunque with you on

Don and Sharon Winstead
Yocahú Tower
Through our signature tours you will have a complete sensory experience:  you will gaze at the stars while dancing
an areyto,  
smell the fragrance of early morning when you wake up in a restored coffee plantation, taste a cup of homemade
hug a champion tree in a secluded road, listen to the rhythm of the orchestral sounds as night arrives silently
in the rain forest,
feel the Energy of your Soul...memories you will cherish for the rest of your life.
History & Culture

    it is available on Saturdays upon

  • Exploring and Connecting With
    Nature - Take a breath, observe,
    immerse, and reconnect with the
    Healing Forest.  Connections is for
    the explorer at heart as we focus on
    the natural history, historical and
    cultural aspects of El Yunque.
    Your best storytelling tour of the
    rain forest!  Excellent for slow mobility
    visitors.  Specially designed for kids.

Nature Program

    16 of our 19 endemic bird species
    can be seen at El Yunque? Eare
    species: Puerto Rican Amazon and
    Elfin-woods Warbler.  Half and full
    days; private and special shared
    events available; van accessible
    option available.

    From October through April, our half
    and full day bird outings at El Yunque
    are available as private tours and
    special shared or public events.
    Night owling is also available.

    Depending on selected bird outing,
    the minimum required could be 2 or
    4 happy birders.

    Two additional options on the South
    and West sides of El Yunque are
    available on a private basis.

    two options for our regular, moonless,
    and full moon night hikes:

    El Portal de El Yunque (Visitor
    Center) with a minimum of 4 adults.

    Palma de Sierra (1,400 ft. over sea
    level looking for glow-in-the-dark
    mushrooms), available for private
    groups with a minimum 15 people.
    At Palma de Sierra we offer the
    regular night hikes and specific
    dates for full moon and moonless
    nights.  If you combine a late evening
    hike with the night hike, you get The
    Hybrid (below).  These alternatives
    can be combined with the Nocturnal
    Sounds Forest Bath & Ancestral

Outdoor Adventures

The following options are available only on
a private basis, a minimum of participants is
required and will vary depending on the
logistics of each activity.

    the best of a daytime and the best
    of our night hikes, you get the best
    of the best:  The Hybrid, and we go
    for glow-in-the-dark mushrooms.

  • Mount Britton Hike - For many
    people, a visit to the Forest is not
    complete without a good challenging
    hike. Transfers are available.

  • Journey to Silence - Walk along
    one of the watersheds of beloved
    Forest.  The main purpose of this
    journey is to listen to the Forest
    and embrace Nature´s power
    through Silence.  We provide a
    Yoga mat for a 30 minute stop
    near the river and light lunch.

  • Rain Forest Trek - The real hike
    everyone wants to take at El Yunque:  
    approximately 6 hours difficult to
    extreme hike including Mt. Britton,
    El Yunque, and Los Picachos, plus
    El Yunque Rock. We provide lunch,
    snacks. Two or three members of our
    staff will be with the group as this is
    the longest hike that we offer.