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"La Ruta del Café, our first and most iconic tour created in 1992 to honor the memory of our Ancestors who, as immigrants
from Spain, established in Puerto Rico in the 1800´s and cultivated coffee in the mountains of Las Marías and Añasco.  
More than a tour, this is the story of my family, of my Mom´s roots."

The original coffee plantation tour created by Hilda Morales from AdvenTours since 1992. Join us in these guided tours
and learn the stages involved in the cultivation process (cultivation, harvest of the fruit, processing, pulping, washing,
drying, hulling, and finally, roasting) until it gets to your table. Several options available:

  • MAYAGUEZ - We depart from Mayagüez to the small mountainous town of Las Marías.  Depending on your time
    frame, we can include other activities within the route--cooking lessons?

  • PONCE - From Ponce we go to the town of Jayuya, the land of the gods. We have other alternatives depending on
    the time of the year and cruise ship arrival/departure times, we have other locations as well.
  • LUQUILLO - We finally added a coffee tour departing from the east to a modern and relatively new attraction where
    you will learn the ABC of coffee making.  You will learn about the gold industry in the nineteen century, where and why
    coffee was planted in the east. Was it successful?  

  • SAN JUAN - We drive to the mountainous town of Ciales and visit Museo del Café (Coffee Museum of Puerto Rico)
    where you will learn to distinguish the different varieties of coffee, taste a cup of Cafe Don Pello.  A short historical
    walk is included before returning to the hotel. Available also from Dorado.

  • LatteArt Coffee Workshop - A special event on Saturdays for small groups on a private basis.  Please contact us
    for quote and availability.  Prices will vary depending on pick-up / drop-off location and size of the group.

Best time to go on a coffee plantation tours is from September thru December. Tickets are added in our booking system
on  August.  What we include?   Transportation, Certified Tour Guide, snacks, water.  Flexible iteneraries. All options are
available from San Juan, contact us for price.
A non-refundable deposit is required. The company that handles the online booking software will charge you a fee of 6%, plus the credit
card transaction fee (2.3%+30¢). If you prefer to pay with direct deposit (bank to bank) or Western Union, please contact us.
"A great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do."  Walter Gagehot
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