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Certified Interpretive Tour Guide Service for the EcoSensitive Traveler
What will happen if my flight or cruise ship will
not arrived on time

Designated driver or guide will be waiting for you, but monitoring
canceled or delayed flights through technology, only if internet
reception is available.  We strongly recommend that you contact
us on the phone or send an email, if possible, informing us on
the delay, plus a text message to designated driver or guide.  

strongly suggest that you purchase a travel insurance
policy in case flight is canceled or ship has to go to another port
due to adverse weather conditions.


  • We reserved the right of admission.

  • We always ask clients to contact us via phone upon
    arriving in Puerto Rico (8:00 PM through midnight).  
    If you don´t have a working cell phone, please ask
    Concierge or Front Desk to contact us.

  • A name, email address and phone number of one of your
    relative will be required in case of emergency.

  • If need to use any special medication due to allergies
    reactions or any other health condition, please let us
    know in case of an emergency.

  • If transfers or transportation is requested, we will need
    your contact cell phone number, hotel telephone
    number, room number, or any other information
    needed where we can contact you in case the
    driver/guide don´t find you, any delay in the traffic, etc.

  • In case you will be late, you should notify assigned guide,
    driver and/or our office via phone.  Please do not send
    last minute text or voice message as they can be driving
    and it is illegal to read/send text or emails in Puerto Rico
    while driving.  

  • Our staff will wait a maximum of 30 minutes unless
    you contact us to inform that you will be late.  Please
    remember that we could have another tour scheduled
    after your tour.  In some cases, a shorter version of the
    tour will be offer on late arrivals.

  • It is the responsibility of the person who book the tour to
    inform all participants on these terms and conditions,
    including the clean-up fees.

  • We highly recommend that you buy a travel insurance
    with cancellation conver before departure to your final
Q & A

Before booking your trip, please read Steps 1 to 5 from our Terms and Conditions and
write your initials at the bottom of the
Availability Request form in each one of our
tours and activities.  

Special Terms and Conditions apply to groups, custom tours, and all-inclusive tour
If you agree with these General Terms and Conditions,
please check the
Item "I agree" on the Availability Request
form and
write your name initials and date on the box
provided to the right of the item.
  • All deposits are non-refundable.  In
    the case you need to cancel, we cannot
    pay your paid deposit back. When we ask
    for a deposit is because it is needed to
    cover the booking and the cancellation

  • If we need to end the trip because our non-
    smoking policy is not followed, no refund
    will be issued.  

  • Special cancellation policy applies for
    tours with overnight or all-inclusive tour

  • Written notice is required for all
    cancellations before departure date.  
    IMPORTANT:  Do not leave voice
    messages or send text messages; you
    must use our Cancellation Request
    Form.  If you don´t receive an answer
    from us in the next 48 hrs, please
    resend the information.

  • Do not assume that we have received text,
    voice or email messages, always confirm
    with our staff.

  • Refunds from any balance paid will be
    made within 45 days of approval. Any
    associated fee related to the method used
    to issue the refund will be deducted from
    the overall refund amount.

  • All deposits are non-refundable unless we
    are unable to offer the tour due to
    reasons out of our control, such as
    hurricane, earthquake or an emergency
    on our staff.

  • If you cancel your trip, refunds for balance
    (not for the non-refundable deposit) will be
    issued as per the table on the column to
    the right.

  • Other conditions apply for customized,
    group tours or tour packages, please
    contact our staff.

  • If the owner of the company has agreed
    for any other cancellation policy, please
    email us and confirm the conversation
    before submitting any payment since you
    will need a special confirmation number
    from us.


  • If for any reason we must withdraw a
    departure on which you are booked and
    you are unable to accept alternate tour or
    date/s which will be offered, all monies
    paid to us on the canceled tour will be
    refunded, including non-refundable
    deposit, within 45 days.
Half or Full Day Tours
Refund from balance*
Rescheduling fee
30+ days before the tour
No charge
15 to 30 days before the tour
No charge
7 to 14 days before tour
No charge
Less than 7 days before tour
No refund
No charge
Less than 72 hours before tour
No refund
No show
No refund
Pick-up / Drop-off
No refund
No charge
Gift Certificate
No refund
Hot Deals
No refund
Non-smoking Policy
Tour Interruption
No refund
Custom Tours (half/full day)
Refund from balance
Rescheduling fee
30+ days before tour
No charge
7 to 30 days before tour
No charge
72 hours before tour
Less than 72 hours
No refund
No show
No refund
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Updated February 2, 2019.
CANCELLATIONS (after departure)  

  • There can be no adjustment for unused portions of a program unless special
    arrangements have been made with our company prior to departure in written.

  • Refunds will not be made for unused hotels, tours or meals.

  • If someone in your group must return home during the tour due to health
    condition or death in family, the person will be refunded the net funds that we
    can recover from contractors for the services not used.  Please submit evidence.

  • No refund for last minute cancellations or no show at meeting point, or pick-up

  • If we must terminate the tour due to circumstances beyond our control, you will be
    refunded the net funds that we can recover from contractors for the services not

  • Applications for any refund must be made in writing using our Refund Inquiry
    Form to us within 5 days of the date we have confirmed your cancellation,
    pending to our decision.


Our staff will be always monitoring the weather for your safety.  Your guide and/or driver  
will cancel or reroute your tour or activity if her/she believes that potentially dangerous
situations are probable due to weather conditions.  When cancellations are made by us,
you will be given the option to reschedule the trip or receive a raincheck.  If a client
decides to cancel before departure time due to weather forecast and before our
decision making, our cancellation policy will apply.