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Certified Interpretive Tour Guide Service for the EcoSensitive Traveler
Do you offer pet-friendly tours?  

Yes, we do offer pet-friendly tours to El Yunque National Forest
on private (personalized/customized) tours.  We will provide a
crate (please let us know dog size).  Please be prepared with
leash and poop bags.

Do you accept last minute reservations?

Yes, we accept last minute reservations depending on:

  • time of the year that you are traveling
  • size and/or composition of your group
  • type of tour or activity
  • site location and availability
  • transportation or transfers request

For our business,
high season is from September thru April.  
We always suggest to make reservations if you are planning to
visit Puerto Rico during that period of time.  

Last minute bookings could be higher that advance
payments due to the fluctuation of costs to offer
requested service and availability of our staff, equipment
to be used, etc.

Some tours and/or activities are seasonal (as an example,
white river rafting) and require a minimum of participants to offer
the tour or
transfers to selected activity.  

After hurricanes Irma and María, some
sites are open with
limited access.  In February (2018), El Yunque National Forest
allowed outfitters to offer tours twice a week.  As of November
(2018) we are now allowed to offer tours three times a week on
limited areas.   

Do groups need to make reservations?

Yes, groups over 5 participants will need reservations; special
terms and conditions will apply, including full-payment at least
four weeks before the trip.

I´m traveling alone, what should I do?

In most of the description of our tours you will find the minimum
of participants to offer or guarantee a tour.  If a tour is offered
with a minimum of two participants (adults), you must pay for two
seats; if the minimum is four, then you will be paying for those
four seats.

What happens if I need to re-schedule the
date of my reservation?

A rescheduling fee will apply for any requests submitted within
72 hours before any tour.  Please refer to cancellation section
for details.

Due to limited access at El Yunque National Forest, a fee
will be charged, which will be equivalent to the number of seats
that we will not be able to sell on the date you have selected.
We reserve the right to retain the full-payment instead of
the non-refundable deposit.  
Q & A
  • Once you know if selected tour/activity is still available, you are ready to proceed to finish the reservation or booking process.  

  • If you requested information by email or phone, you should read Step 1 through Step 5 to finish the booking process.

  • You should contact us via email and confirm your decision:  tour/activity, selected dates, and any other pertinent information related
    to your trip, plus selected payment method.  Do not proceed to pay through POPMoney or any other online methods before
    contacting us.

  • Depending on selected payment method, this process could take hours or a few days.

  • Reservations and a non-refundable deposit are always required within the next seven (3) days in order to guarantee selected dates
    and activities.

  • Reservations will be always confirmed when we receive your non-refundable deposit.

  • Always confirm prices since it may vary from quotation day to the confirmation day due to changes in the market and the time it
    takes you to confirm the date and/or tour.

  • On multiday tours, you will receive a BOOKING VOUCHER with all instructions for your trip, including confirmation numbers on
    selected activities.

  • HOT DEALS reservations require a non-refundable 100% deposit.

  • For public events, please follow the special conditions on each event.

  • Tours/activities are not guaranteed until we receive a non-refundable deposit within the next seven (7) days or a written notification
    that you need more time to plan your trip.  Nevertheless, if someone else ask for the same date and we have not received the
    deposit nor we have been informed that you need extra time, the date will no longer be hold and will be available for another

  • Larger groups could take longer as you need to contact all participants, special terms and conditions will apply.

  • Special terms and conditions also apply for customized or personalized itineraries.
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AdvenTours PUERTO RICO is an equal opportunity provider.

  • We reserve the right to decline or retain any person(s) as member of the tour at any time.

  • For maximum enjoyment of your tour, you should be in a good physical and mental health, able and willing to actively participate in
    solo or group events, and to walk and move about when the tour visits places of interest which can be reached only on foot, and able
    to participate in van, boat, kayak or bike trips.

  • Trip participants who required any form of assistance must be accompanied by a travel companion who is capable of, and totally
    responsible for, providing assistance.

  • It should also be noted that there are attractions which require walking to observe and enjoy.

  • Because our programs require walking and due to space restrictions, customized tours for the handicapped or slow mobility can be

  • Please note that when “see” or “view” are specified in the itineraries, it denotes an outside view; “visit” or “short stop at” usually
    includes entry.

  • During our trips we take pictures and videos of our customers and will be sent to you as a souvenir.  These will be uploaded in
    Facebook page, on our website as part of our promotional or used on educational material for APIE (Puerto Rican Association of
    Interpretation and Education, Inc.).  Please send note by written if you don´t want pictures or videos to be taken during your

  • For people with allergies or extreme breathing conditions, air quality is not the best during the Hurricane Season due to the Dust of the
    Sahara, ashes of Monserrat Volcano combined with possible high concentration of mold and humidity.  These conditions could happen
    a few times and the frequency could vary from one year to the other.  Please contact us for more information.


  • Our company is pet friendly.

  • If you are traveling with a service dog, you should notify us in case you are sharing the ride with other customers as we need to check
    if someone is allergic to dog hair.

  • For pick-up / drop-off, we have crates for dogs up to 20 and 75 pounds for non-service dogs.

  • Damage fee is applicable and will depend on the type of damage (stains, scratches, bites)--minimum fee will be $50.


  • Due to the nature of our tours and our company policy, smoking is not permitted under any circumstances during our meals,
    meetings or tours.  

  • Regulations for smokers have been established by the Government on public spaces and buildings, hotels, rooms, restaurants,
    offices, etc., plus the entrance of these places.

  • All selected hotels and restaurants are for non-smokers.

  • Drivers and tour guides are not allowed to smoke at any moment.  If one of our guides ordrivers smoke during a tour, please email us.

  • For donations for the advancement of a cure for respiratory diseases, please contact the Puerto Rican Lung Association at
Updated March 15, 2019.

Before booking your trip, please read Steps 1 to 5 from our Terms and Conditions and
write your initials at the bottom of the
Availability Request form in each one of our
tours and activities.  

Special Terms and Conditions apply to groups, custom tours, and all-inclusive tour
If you agree with these General Terms and Conditions,
please check the
Item "I agree" on the Availability Request
form and
write your name initials and date on the box
provided to the right of the item.
Any formal communication regarding your reservation should be made by email using your confirmation
number on the subject line.
You should not use text message, Facebook or WhatsUp to require
information once you have booked an activity or tour.
Emergency information - in case of an event and we need to
contact your relatives, please inform your driver or guide who they
should contact and phone number to call.