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Celebrating 27 years in business!
Certified Interpretive Tour Guide Service for the EcoSensitive Traveler
As part of AdvenTours PUERTO RICO
corporate social responsibility in 2002
we founded
APIE, the Puerto Rican
Association of Interpretation and
Education, Inc

APIE is a non-profit organization that
offers training and continuing education
for tour guides, plus a series of activities
for the general public, focusing on
children, students, and educators
Proyecto Mucarito).

In 2014 we created an
Annual Fund to
promote scientific research on birds, $1
of every tour we offer is added to this
When you book directly with us, 100% of your money is spent locally, not abroad.
If what you are looking is not listed here, drop us an email at your convenience.
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Updated January 1, 2019.
7d/6n Bird & Nature Program  - This birding tour package includes a visit to the five
regions of our archipelago:  east, south, west, north, and central with a Certified Tour Guide.

You should travel light with this new Bird & Nature Program--after the second night, every night
we will be staying in a different hotel as we travel around the mainland of Puerto Rico.  You
should arrive the night before this birding tour package to join us.

  • Day 1 - We start early on the first day for a our first birding trip stop:  El Yunque
    National Forest where we will spend the day.   Night owling in Ceiba.  Overnight near
    Luquillo or Fajardo for two nights.
  • Day 2 - Bike or walk the old naval base at Roosevelt Roads in search of endemics
    species, such as: the Yellow-shouldered Black Bird, Puerto Rican Flycatcher, and
    Adelaide´s Warbler,  plus Antillean / Caribbean specialties--Antillean Crested
    Hummingbird, Green-throated Carib, Antillean Elaenia--while doing a bird count at Los
    Machos Wetland.     Optional night kayak tour at Laguna Grande.  
  • Day 3 - Before check out, you will have time to relax at the pool or look for hummers at
    the hotel gardens.  We will travel to the small town of Maunabo, where you will meet the
    volunteers of a new nature reserve and learn their role in the co-management of part of
    this protected land.  In the afternoon, explore the boulders that form the habitat of the
    Puerto Rican Rock Frog.  Overnight in Yabucoa.
  • Day 4 - After check-out we drive through the Cordillera Central in search of the Plain
    Pigeon.  Then, after lunch, we will go to the small town of Lajas where we will be looking
    for the West Indian Whistling Duck and the Puerto Rican Nightjar.  Optonal Bio Bay
    Trip.  Overnight near La Parguera.
  • Day 5 - Early morning check-out as we go in search of the Elfin-woods Warbler, PR
    Vireo, and Lesser Antillean Pewee.   Overnight near Maricao.
  • Day 6 - Today we will visit a coffee plantation and in the afternoon, we drive to the north
    side of the island for more birds.  Overnight near Hatillo.
  • Day 7 - Early morning bird watching on the North Belt.  We will return to San Juan after
    1 PM, please book your flight for late hours or book a room for one extra night.
  • Excellent local cuisine
  • Local Certified Tour Guide
  • East, South, West, North &
  • Endemic, Caribbean specialties
  • Rare birds
  • Birding by bike in Ceiba
  • Optional nature tours
  • Volunteer work at a nature
  • Groups of 6 to 8 participants,
    plus Birder Guides and Driver
The birding trips depicted in this page are the TOP PUERTO RICO BIRDING
we have been offering during the past years.  These trips can
be customized as per your own requests and needs, size of your group or
time of the year.

Just bring your binoculars, camera, and personal belongings; ground
transportation, all meals, double room with tax, Certified Tour Guide,
entrance fees, daily local fruit juice and water, plus complimentary pictures of
your trip.
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5d/4n Endemic Bird Trail Combo  This birding tour package includes the very best of the eastern
and western regions with a local and resident Certified Tour Guide.  We have several dates available for trips with
a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 participants, but we can offer this option as a private activity.  For larger
groups, please ask for quotation as prices will depend on type of vehicle to be used.

You will spend the first two nights in the eastern tip looking for approximately 12 - 14 endemic species,
plus the five hummingbirds that nest in Puerto Rico.   You will be visiting the only tropical rain forest
administered by the US Forest Service (El Yunque National Forest) and the old naval base at Roosevelt
Roads (Ceiba Forest, which is a dry forest like Guánica).  Then, we drive west / southwest, where we will
stay for two more nights, looking for specialties of the region, including the
Elfin-woods Warbler,
Puerto Rican Vireo, Lesser Antillean Pewee, and the

Birding spots?  El Yunque National Forest, Roosevelt Roads Old Naval Station, Cidra, Las Marías,
Maricao, Mayagüez, Lajas, La Parguera, Guánica, Cabo Rojo, just to mention a few sites.  
2d/1n Extended Eastern Loop Birding Trip If you are short of time and want to see as many
endemics are possible, this could be your best option as we spend less driving and have more time for birds. A
local resident Certified Tour Guide will take you to the best birding spots of the region

Of the wild population of the Puerto Rican Amazon only two parrots survived after hurricane María and
depending on the road conditions, there is a possibility to see them.  
Endemic species:  Woodpecker,
Lizard Cuckoo, Tody, Flycatcher, Oriole, Bullfinch, Tanager, Spindalis, Screech Owl, Adelaide´s
Warbler, Yellow-shouldered Black Bird, Green Mango, and Puerto Rican Emerald.  As soon as the
upper part of the rain forest is open to the public, we can add the Elfin-woods Warbler.  Plus
endemic species
and Caribbean specialties (Antillean Crested Hummingbird, Green-throated
Carib, Caribbean Elaenia.

Birding spots?  El Yunque National Forest, old naval station at Roosevelt Roads (Ceiba Forest), Río
Grande, Luquillo, Fajardo, Naguabo.
2019 Available Dates
2019 Available Dates
  • January 11 - 15 FULL
  • February 8 - 12
  • March 8 - 12
  • April 5 - 9
3d/2n Endemic Bird Trail (East or West)  Is it possible to see the endemic species in a short
period of time?  Yes, with a local resident Certified Tour Guide who knows the best birding spots.

What is the difference between the Extended Eastern Loop and the Eastern Endemic Bird Trail?  Not
only we spend more time looking for the most rare species in the area, Yellow-shouldered Black Bird,
Puerto Rican Amazon, and Elfin-woods Warbler, but we also look for the Puerto Rican Vireo.  
:  El Yunque National Forest, old naval station at Roosevelt Roads (Ceiba Forest), Río Grande,
Luquillo, Fajardo, Naguabo.

Western Endemic Bird Trail is an extended version of the Western Loop Birding Trip.  As we
need to drive more between birding spots in the west/southwest region, extra time means more birding
time to look for the Elfin-woods Warbler, Lesser Antillean Pewee, and Puerto Rican NIghtjar, plus other
Caribbean specialties, shorebirds, and ducks.   
Birding spots:  Maricao, Las Marías, Sabana Grande,
Lajas, Cabo Rojo, Mayagüez, Añasco.
2019 Available Dates
This option is quoted as per
your needs:  

  • two full-days,
  • two half-days, or
  • one full-day with a
    half-day birding trip
This option is quoted as per
your needs.  Length of the trip
on the western option will
depend if meeting point is the
region or if transfers should
be provided from/to San Juan.
For easier understanding of our home page and website:

  • Special Events - Activities that are offered during a limited time and that are sold to the general public.  A minimum of participants is required to
    guarantee these events.  If you have a group and want a different date for any of these event, please contact us.
  • Private Tours - We specialize in customizing tours for individuals, extended families, and groups on a private basis.  Most of these tours are
    available on a  daily basis subject to reservations and availability of our staff, equipment, etc.
  • Regional Menu - We have divided our territory in five main regions.  If you are planning to explore Puerto Rico, this is an excellent way to start your
  • Thematic Tours - This is another way to look for the activities you want to do while visiting our territory as per your preferences.
2019 Available Dates
  • February 22 - 28
  • March 15 - 21
Do I need reservations to join a tour?

Reservations and deposit/payment is always required to guarantee selected date on all our tours, private or public (special events).
What is the difference between a private tour and a special event?

  • Private tours are customized as per our clients needs and special requirements.  A private tour could be offered with a minimum of one participant; the client selects the date, time, etc.

  • Public tours are offered as special events with specific dates open to anyone that wants to join the tour.  A minimum of participants is required to offer tours as special events.
Can I join a private tour?

Private tours are designed for those who ask for a customized activity.  We will do our best to find the best alternative for you on a different date or time.
Can I book a tour online?

At this moment, and as we mainly offer private tours, we don´t have an online booking engine.  We are evaluating different platforms so that our clients will be able to book online.
Do you sell your tours through Trip Advisor, AirBnB, or any other online platform?

The prices of the tours that you find at this website are net prices.  When you buy through an OTA you usually pay 20% to 30% over our sales price.  Any discount is given directly to our client.  In the future,
we will be promoting tours through OTAs on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  
How can I book a tour with your company?

  • Booking process and methods are described in our General Terms and Conditions.  For extended families or groups, special terms and conditions applies.
  • Text message, FaceBook, WhatsUp or any social media platform are not considered valid booking methods, just a start.