El Yunque National Forest is
closed on December 25th.
As part of AdvenTours PUERTO RICO corporate
social responsibility in 2002 we founded
Puerto Rican Association of Interpretation
and Education, Inc

APIE is a non-profit organization that offers
training and continuing education for tour
guides, plus a series of activities for the
general public, focusing on children, students,
and educators (
Proyecto Mucarito).

In 2014 we created an
Annual Fund to promote
scientific research on birds, $1 of every tour we
offer is added to this fund.
Important for its biodiversity, El Yunque
National Forest is also known as a sacred
place as the Taíno people believed that the
good spirit
Yocahú Bagua Maorocoti reigned
on the sacred mountain of Yuké, protecting
the land of Boriquén (Puerto Rico) and the
Greater Antilles.
While other companies offer sightseeing
tours of El Yunque, AdvenTours shares
Nature with our visitors through our different
and unique programs with a Naturalist
What is a tropical rain forest?

A tropical rain forest is a forest occurring
inside the World's equatorial regions in areas
of heavy rainfall.  They are restricted between
the latitudes 22.5° N and 22.5° S of the
equator, in other words, between the Tropic

of Capricorn and the Tropic of Cancer or
1,400 mi. North and South of the Equator.
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Best alternative when you travel with kids.
* Discover El Yunque from another perspective *
· Birding Trips since 1992 ·

Connecting people with the Healing Forest
I N D I V I D U A L S · E X T E N D E D · F A M I L I E S  &  G R O U P · T O U R S
Certified Interpretive Tour Guide Service for the EcoSensitive Traveler
29 years in business!
One Forest, six options...
AdvenTours PUERTO RICO  is an equal opportunity provider
under special permits at El Yunque Naitonal Forest.
What makes El Yunque so special?
After almost two years from hurricanes Irma and María, El Yunque is
still recovering from their impact.  AdvenTours / Birding PUERTO RICO
is one of the few operators that still have the special permits to offer our
services at our beloved rain forest
during COVID-19 restrictions.

You will find information on our activities and special events at the Forest
on the color coded links to the right.  

Dark green - Birding Trips options, follow the link for online booking.

Light green - You can book this activities through this section or visit the
links for detailed information.

- These options are customized as per clients needs.
Located in la Sierra de Luquillo and
with approximately 29,000 acres of
land, El Yunque is one of the most
important places in Puerto Rico due to
biological diversity.

  • Birds:  111 species,16 of 17 of
    our endemic birds
  • Reptiles:  11 lizards, 3 geckos,
    5 snakes species
  • Mammals:  11 native bats, plus
    5 introduced species
  • Amphibians:  13 endemic frogs,
    plus 1 introduced species
  • Fish:  6 native, plus 1 introduced
  • Plants:  more than 1,000 species
  • Trees:  225 native species;
    endemic to Puerto Rico, 60;
    endemic to Luquillo Mts, 8
  • Ferns:  Over 150 species
  • Flora:  636 native species,
    including 50 native orchids
· n a t u r e  ·  e c o l o g i c a l  ·  c u l t u r a l  ·  e d u c a t i o n a l ·  a d v e n t u r e ·
It is understood that when you complete the booking process, you agree with our Terms and Conditions.
Due to the number of people visiting El Yunque National Forest during the Holy Week/Weekend (Wednesday through Sunday, including
Good Friday and Easter) and the
month of July, we DO NOT OFFER tours to El Yunque other than the Night Hike and/or
Ancestral Areyto.  Access to the Forest is limited and we cannot guarantee the quality during those days.
AdvenTours PUERTO RICO  is an equal opportunity provider under special permits at El Yunque National Forest.
The original sticker that now you see been copied by other organizations.   Unbelievable!
A non-refundable deposit is required. The company that handles the online booking software
will charge you a fee of 6%, plus the credit card transaction fee (2.3%+30¢). Direct deposit is
also available.  We will not be accepting payment in cash on site.  You should make your
reservation with enough time for the payment to be deposited on our account.  Temperature
will be taken at the beginning of the trip.  In the event that the client has Covid-19 and the
Government traces who was with that person during her/his short/long stay in Puerto Rico,
the client and his family are responsible for paying and/or cover all expenses related to the
treatment/rehab or funeral of infected guide or driver.
When you book your trip, you agree with these special Terms and Conditions.
For European Nations,
contact us only via
regular phone or email.
Updated October 15, 2021.
When you book directly with us, 100% of your money is spent locally, not abroad.
Transfers & transportation
available 24 hours.
2:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Take the road less traveled, explore, eat, drink, relax, enjoy!
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