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· n a t u r e  ·  e c o l o g i c a l  ·  c u l t u r a l  ·  e d u c a t i o n a l ·  a d v e n t u r e ·
Certified Interpretive Tour Guide Service for the EcoSensitive Traveler
It is understood that when you complete the booking process, you agree with our Terms and Conditions.

  • We reserve the right to decline or retain any person
    as member of the tour at any time.

  • For maximum enjoyment of your tour, you should be
    in a good physical and mental health, able and willing
    to actively participate in solo or group events, and to
    walk and move about when the tour visits places of
    interest which can be reached only on foot, and able
    to participate in van, boat, kayak or bike trips.

  • Trip participants who required any form of assistance
    must be accompanied by a travel companion who is
    capable of, and totally responsible for, providing

  • It should also be noted that there are attractions
    which require walking to observe and enjoy.
  • Because our programs require walking and due to
    space restrictions, we have modified some activities  
    with wheelchair accessible vehicles. Please contact
    us for more information.

  • If you are going to use your own insect repellent or
    sunblock, please be advised that some of our drivers
    and guides are allergic to strong perfumes. We will
    provide, if needed, insect repellent. We suggest
    wearing long pants, long sleeves, and hats.

  • DO NOT USE spray as it goes to the plants, river
    streams and directly to other hikers or visitors in the

  • A comprehensive sightseeing program is included as
    indicated in each itinerary.  Please note that when
    see” or view” are specified in the itineraries, it
    denotes an outside view; visit” or “short stop at
    usually includes entry.

  • For people with allergies or extreme breathing
    conditions, air quality is not the best during the
    Hurricane Season due to the Dust of the Sahara,
    ashes of Monserrat Volcano combined with possible
    high concentration of mold and humidity.  These
    conditions could happen a few times and the
    frequency could vary from one year to the other.

  • Swimming or stepping in rocks is not allowed during
    our activities unless it is included under our Outdoor

  • WILDLIFE OBSERVATION: When you book a
    wildlife viewing activity, you must bring your own
    equipment (binoculars, scope, tripod, camera, lenses,
    etc.).  We do not provide or rent equipment.  

A Cleaning Fee will be place on hold to your credit card  
upon reservation and it applies to the use of any liquid,
cream or chemical, including, but not limited, sun block,
tanning lotions, insect repellent, etc

The fee will depend on the type of damage to the vehicle.  

If you need to use any lotions or cremes, you should clean
your hands before going inside the vehicle, we strongly
suggest wearing long sleeves/pants.


  • TRANSFER services for your dog or cat is available
    from/to ports/piers (Old San Juan Port, Ceiba) and
    airports (SJU, Borinquen, Mercedita, Ceiba).

  • SERVICE DOGS - Service dogs are allowed only when
    hiring private transportation. You will need to contact
    us first as pets are not allowed on all vehicles.  
    Depending on the vehicle to be used, only lap service
    dogs will be allowed.  

  • DAMAGE FEE - A minimum of $250 fee will be placed
    on hold to your credit card. Charges will depend on the
    type of damage (stains, scratches, bites). Please
    contact us before booking.


  • Local Laws require the use of the seat belt on any
    vehicle, whether you are seated in the front or last row
    of seats.  

  • As a client, you have the responsibility of using the seat
    belt immediately you are inside the vehicle and until the
    engine is off.  

    If you are part of a birding trip and you see a bird you
    should wait until the driver allows you to step out of
    the vehicle.

    We are not responsible of any injury you might have if
    you don´t follow these instructions.


  • Local Laws require the use of a car seat for children.   
    This requirement is the same one as in the United

  • Parents must bring a car seat of each kid according to
    their age, height, and weight.  

  • We will not allow children without car seats or seated
    on an adult lap.  

  • If you need to feed your baby, we will stop in a safe
    place.  Remember, cleaning policies apply.


  • CLEANING FEE - Eating (candies, fruit bars, gum,
    etc.), drinking and wet clothes are not allowed in our
    vehicles. All items will be placed on the trunk of the
    vehicle; we will be providing stops for breaks and snack
    time. Cleaning fee starts at $150.

  • TRASH FREE ZONES apply to all places we visit and to
    our vehicles. Driver will check the vehicle for items left
    by clients. Any garbage left at the vehicle will be given
    back to our clients.  

  • We need vehicles in the best top conditions!

  • If you are only looking for transfers or transportation
    with us, please visit this link before booking online.


  • Smoking is not permitted, but if the person does not
    follows this policy, a minimum cleaning fee of $250
    will be charged.

  • For more information on our Non-smoking Policy, visit
    this link.


  • Drivers will inspect the vehcle with the client before they

  • We are not responsible for any item left in our

  • If any item is found, we will notify the client via email.  
    Client is responsible for the cost of returning
    items left in our vehicles.  

  • We encourage our customers to gather all your
    luggage, photo equipment, and any other personal
    items before drop-off to hotel, port or airport.  


  • The client is responsible for any damage done to our vehicles
    or equipment.  

  • These damages are not covered in the price of any of our
    services and will be charged to the leader of the group or
    individual traveler before the end of the tour or activity.

  • A report will be completed by the driver and signed by the
    person who booked our service.

  • We will send a copy of the repairs done to our vehicle through
    email upon charging your credit card.

  • This happened a few years ago when we arrived at El Yunque
    National Forest.  A client stepped out of the vehicle, lost his
    balance and hit our vehicle. Although he apologised and gave
    us $40, the cost to repair the damage was $250.  As you will
    understand, insurance covers a car in movement, not parked.

  • Entertainment, special events, sightseeing tours,
    entrance fees, local guides, tips and service charge
    are included only as stipulated in the itinerary.

  • Tip to guide and/or driver are not included in price.  
    If you want to add a tip to your online booking,
    please write amount to be added to your credit card.

  • Remember to bring cash as balance due is to be paid
    cash on site. If at the last minute you want to charge
    your card for the balance due, a $10 fee will be
    added to your credit card.
© 1992 - 2023 AdvenTours / Birding PUERTO RICO, updated June 11, 2023.
AdvenTours PUERTO RICO  is an equal opportunity provider under special permits at El Yunque National Forest (Authorization ID: YNF22030).
We appreciate your interest in traveling with us!

  • Once you book with us, a driver and vehicle will be
    assigned for pick-up / drop-off or for selected tour.  
    Please remember that we could have another service
    or tour scheduled after yours.

  • In case you will be late, you should notify us via
    email at least 12 hours before pick-up or tour
    departure. Most of our administrative partners work
    from their home and they have no access to our
    office phone.


  • You should arrive for check-in at least 15 minutes
    before start time.

  • Late arrivals - Individuals, cruise ships, flights:  a
    shorter version of the tour will be offered if time

  • No refunds for no-shows. Courtesy waiting time is
    15 minutes; driver or guide will wait up to 30 minutes.
    applicable, will be charged to your credit card.


  • We understand that communication is critical at cruise
    ships and airports.  You should inform us via phone
    and email. If this does not work from your location,
    you can use WhatsUp. Please remember that our
    staff cannot text while driving, unless they are parked
    waiting for you.  A waiting fee will apply.

  • When cruise ships are detoured due to weather
    conditions, our Cancellation Policy applies. We will do
    our best to reschedule your tour if we have
    knowledge of this at least 12 hours before pick-up.
    We will issue a voucher to be used within a year for
    the money that we can recover; no charge for

    BY CLIENT - A $75 per hour waiting fee applies after
    30 minutes, which will be charged to your credit
    card.   Please remember that we could have another
    service or tour scheduled after yours. A shorter
    version of the tour will be offer on late arrivals.

  • When a person books an activity with the minimum required, we open it as a SPECIAL SHARED EVENT in order that
    other customers can join.

  • If you prefer that other customers don´t join you, you should book the activity as a private one.

  • A bird outing offered as a SPECIAL SHARED EVENT is not considered a bird photography trip, it is only birding.

  • Bird photography is offered only as a private activity.

  • In all our bird outings you need to bring your binoculars.  If you don´t have binoculars and plan to use your camera with
    zoom (long lens), you SHOULD and MUST book a private birding trip, no exceptions. We reserve the right of admission.

  • Solo travelers opening a SPECIAL SHARED EVENT will be charged the minimum of participants required to offer a trip if
    that minimum is not reached.

  • If a solo traveler decides to cancel and other customers have already booked for that particular activity, the balance due
    will be charged to the credit card of the solo traveler who started the reservation.