You don´t want to drive nor you want to join a tour?  Then, what about
going with one of our
private chauffeurs to take you around!  Safety first,
all vehicles have permits from the Public Service Commission, Chauffeurs
and Chauffeurs/Guides are local residents that have experience and have
been certified by local authorities.  Each region has its unique
road trip.
Planning to hop around the island?  Be our guest and experience our culture with a local insider.
When you think of paradise,
you have two options...

Heaven or
Puerto Rico
Low season in Puerto Rico.
Welcome to San Juan,
Puerto Rico!
Over 500 years of history are waiting for you in San
Juan.   Explore on your own or  taste the flavors of
Puerto Rico, or start an adventure to the inner depth of
the mountains.  

Although we have several airports and ports, it is
through San Juan that most people arrive to our island.  
We invite you to visit the links for the tours available
from San Juan, and also check the alternatives outside
San Juan.

This section is divided in
Old San Juan (bird watching
and walking tours at the old city),
Bird Watching,
CulTours, Nature Program, and Outdoor

You can select a theme for a half or full day, a holiday
gateway, voluntarism, or just combine different options
on any of the sections of our
Regional Menu and we
will assist you with  your customized itinerary.  If what
you are looking is not in our website, contact us for
Please contact us for live
performing arts events.
If what you are looking is not listed here, drop us an email at your convenience.
Updated July 25, 2018.
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