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Due to the number of people visiting El Yunque National Forest during the Holy Week/Weekend (Wednesday through Sunday, including Good
Friday and Easter) and the
month of July, we DO NOT OFFER tours to El Yunque other than the Night Hike and/or Ancestral Areyto.
Access to the Forest is limited and we cannot guarantee the quality during those days.
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Over 500 years of history are waiting for you in
San Juan.   Explore on your own or  taste the
flavors of Puerto Rico, or start an adventure to
the inner depth of the mountains.  

Although we have several airports and ports, it
is through San Juan that most people arrive to
our island.  We invite you to visit the links for
the tours available from San Juan, and also
check the alternatives outside San Juan.

Cruise passenger?  Convention group exploring
out of San Juan?
If you are a tour wholesaler,
travel agent, club, Scout or university leader,
you are in the right place to start coordinating
your group´s dream vacation.  We invite you to
navigate through our website and evaluate our
nature, adventure, and cultural programs.  

You can select a theme for a half or full day, a
holiday gateway, voluntarism, or just combine
different options on any of the sections of our
Regional Menu and we will assist you with  
your customized itinerary.  If what you are
looking is not in our website, contact us for
When you think of
paradise, you have
two options...



Puerto Rico
Low season in Puerto Rico.
Through our signature tours you will
have a complete sensory experience:  
you will
gaze at the stars while
dancing an areyto in El Yunque,  
the fragrance of early morning when
you wake up in a restored coffee
taste a cup of homemade
hug a champion tree in a
secluded road,
listen to the rhythm of
the orchestral sounds as night arrives
silently in the rain forest,
feel the
Energy of your Soul...memories you
will cherish for the rest of your life.
Welcome to San Juan, Puerto Rico!
Updated September 14, 2015.
Gay friendly
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All photographic material on this website is copyrighted by AdvenTours and/or its contributing photographers.   Photos should not be reproduced
or exploited in any way without written permission from AdvenTours or Excursiones Guariquén.
Prices might vary depending on gasoline prices at the time of the tour.  Please ask before booking any tour.
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