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Certified Interpretive Tour Guide Service for the EcoSensitive Traveler
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Where's the Roast Pork?

At party time or holiday celebrations any resident, native born today, would
ask hosts:  where´s the roast pork?

Upon request                                      
Time: 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM (flexible)
Sorry, no children accepted.

Local favorite roast pork plus drinking are beer, rum and sangria is an all national
favorite when cheerful celebrations come. So we take the time to present a fun
Daily upon request
2 hours
2 hours
Drop us an email for price
Not included in price
Always required
Non-smokers only
Drinks, tips
Effort Level
Walking Time
Private Tour
Not included
dining experience in a manly fashion menu, though women are welcome, just be aware eating is our main objective. Each restaurant
will provide samplings for one-of-a-kind tasting combo showcasing the pork as main, ingredient for meal in cooking style of their
own. If shopping for your spouse or friends as companions, ask them to meet you after in last stop. Check out the following schedule:

You will find a free Rums of Puerto Rico cocktail our first cocktail drink.  Follow your Guide walk up two blocks and cool off on first visit
to Old Harbour Brewery Restaurant, for a micro-brewery where three (3) artisanal beers tasting awaits, for you to pick one, your
favorite. As your first drink it, host Guide will present this first porky pig stop. You will be introduced with the cultural background and
importance of three native pork sausages in a "pincho" (skewer): black "morcilla", spicy "longaniza" and white "butifarra" all grilled to

Continue on to next door's famed,  El Botin Restaurant, an original historical eatery in Spain, to savor another small plate of roasted
pork. The place of crunchy baby rib or two, doubles with a tropical dipping sauces on the side. The real and original recipe for our
"lechón asado" or the original "cochinillo asado" (roast piglet) recipe. Taste a glass of native "sangria" glass mixing demo and

Dine-a-round walk over to Hard Rock Cafe (probably by 5:00 PM), our last stop.  Yes, very American, but Puerto Rico is a USA territory
since 1898. Therefore our eating habits have been incorporated in our daily diet so we welcome this stop. A modern Pirate's
Huricane Glass will be our last drink on tour. Your's to keep as a souvenir! You can fill it with modern award winning native, #1 light,
Medalla beer or a fruit flavoured #1 seller, Bacardi Rum cocktail while nibbling to pork mini-burger on the side.

You are free to walk back to cruise, with our without spouse or remain on the spot till returns from shopping uptown. This modern
American landmark is easy to find, meet her to ship. Puerto Rico is over 100 years under dominance of the USA flag, so we are very
happy to welcome the burger to our menu and fries to our diet!
Connecting people with people...with a local insider
If what you are looking is not listed here, drop us an email at your convenience.
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available 24 hours.
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Gay friendly
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Updated May 27, 2018.
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