From North America to San Juan
2 ½ hours from Miami
3 ¼ hours from Atlanta
3 ¼ hours from New York
3 ½ hours from Washington, DC
4 ¼ hours from Toronto
4 ½ hours from Chicago and Dallas
7 ½ hours from Los Angeles

From Latin America to San Juan
2 ½hours from Caracas
5 ¾ hours from Mexico City
11 hours from Sao Paolo

From Europe to San Juan
7 ¾ hours from Madrid
10 hours from Paris
10 ¼ hours from Brussels
12 hours from London
Mercedita Airport
Ponce Port
Punta Boriquen International Airport
Mayagüez Port
Mayagüez Airport
Isla Verde International Airport
San Juan Port
Fajardo Ferry Terminal
Vieques Airport
Vieques Ferry Terminal
Culebra Airport
Culebra Ferry Terminal
Prices might vary depending on
gasoline prices at the time of the tour.  
Please ask before booking any tour.
REGION 1 - AdvenTours´ Group Division Office is located in the west side of the mainland, now
known as Porta del Sol.  This region consists of  17 towns (Mayagüez, Quebradillas, Isabela,
Aguadilla, Aguada, Añasco, Moca, San Sebastián, Rincón, Las Marías, Maricao, San Germán,
Hormigueros, Cabo Rojo, Lajas, Sabana Grande and Guánica).  The second international airport is in
Aguadilla, plus we have the  Mayagüez Port, and an excellent road system that make possible
direct access to this beautiful region.  We have permits to offer outdoor activities at FWS Laguna
Cartagena and Cabo Rojo National Wildlife Refuges.
REGION 5 - It was the year 1992 when we offer our first La ruta del café, the
original coffee plantation tour.  One year later,
Monte Adentro was created, a
3d/2n package to the central region.  Secluded waterfalls, camping, bird
watching, cave exploration, and many other activities take place in the central
region.  This is where you will experience the real Puerto Rico, right in the
REGION 4 - Shore excursions are available for cruise ship passengers arriving in Ponce:  La ruta
del café
(the original coffee plantation tour), bird watching, walking tours, and culinary tours.  This
region is included in one of our all-inclusive culinary epicurious expeditions.
REGION 2 - Since 1997 we have been offering tours in the eastern region.  We have focused, but
not limited, our educational and recreational efforts in El Yunque National Forest, Fajardo, Ceiba,
Nabuago, and Culebra and Vieques islands.  We hold special permits to offer both
night hikes
glow-in-the-dark mushrooms) and birding at El Yunque National Forest.  Also, we
signed a contract in September 30, 2014, with the Authority for the Redevelopment of Roosevelt
Roads for five years.  We will be offering different alternatives including birding and nature tours.
REGION 3 - This region is divided in three sections.  The red one covers Old San Juan and metro
area up to the town of Caguas, which is only 30 minutes from San Juan while light blue and brown
includes excellent cultural, natural, and historical landmarks. Looking for something more
adventurous?  Ask for our full-day cave exploration expeditions.
this website useful.   You can fly to Puerto Rico to one of our two international airports
(San Puerto Rico and Aguadilla); we also have smaller airports in Mayagüez, Ponce, and
Since we operate in a socially and environmentally responsible manner, our efforts are
focused in the direct economic benefits of selected sites to be visited.  Whenever possible,
we provide employment opportunities to residents of the regions covered by AdvenTours
(see next paragraph), henceforth, economic benefits go directly to local businesses and
people.  Nothing better than a local insider to provide the necessary insight of the region to
visitors.  Tour leaders are trained in low-impact sustainable tourism travel best practices.

To help you navigate through our website, we have divided the map of the Archipelago of
Puerto Rico in five geographical sections:  
West, East, North, South, and Central. Once
you navigate through each region, you will learn the top natural and cultural attractions.  
Brand names have been given to some regions, such as Porta del Sol (west) and Porta
Caribe (South).

Links to these regions are provided below.
U.S. citizens traveling outside of the
country by air will be required to
present a valid passport at customs.
This applies to every destination
around the world, including Canada,
Mexico and the entire Caribbean, with
the exception of Puerto Rico and the
U.S. Virgin Islands. Passport
requirements for travel via sea
(cruise) or land (Mexico & Canada via
car, bus or train) took effect on
January 1, 2008. [
Leave Your Passport
at Home.  Travel to
Puerto Rico Now!
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Ceiba Airport
All photographic material on this website is copyrighted by AdvenTours and/or its contributing photographers.   Photos should not be reproduced or exploited in
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