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Certified Interpretive Tour Guide Service for the EcoSensitive Traveler
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Nos vamos de paseo, that´s the phrase locals will
say when they go around visiting different towns on the

If you want to experience what we do on normal day,
our Private Chauffeurs will take you around in a route
that combines our culture, historical and natural sites,
and our delicious food.  Local guides will be waiting for
you in some of the attractions.  

Explore and discover the beauty of Puerto Rico and its
people, our way!  We will customize this road trip as
per your needs.
Do you want to include a meal?

We invite you to visit the above link and contact us for a
quote.  Vehicles capacity:  4, 10, 22 passengers.
If what you are looking is not listed here, drop us an email at your convenience.
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Transfers and transportation
available 24 hours.
Contact us for price.
(787) 530-8311
Gay friendly
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787.530.8311 (2:00 PM - 10:00 PM, Monday thru Friday)
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When you book directly with us, 100% of your money is spent locally, not abroad.
Updated July 12, 2018.
Full day private road
trips, let us know what
you want to do and
where you want to go.
After this very long trip, but a tasty one, and
before returning to the hotel, we will stop at
Rock ´N Go. Grab a beer or their award
winning mojito, and enjoy the sunset.
One of our stops will be at Lin-Manuel
Miranda´s home town.  id you know that
Hamilton is coming to Puerto Rico in 2019?
What we include?

--- Beach hopping
--- Green Picnic
--- Award winning
mojito at Rock N Go
--- Towns covered:  Cabo Rojo, Lajas, Guánica

When?  Tuesdays through Thursdays
Where to go: