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"A great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do." Walter Gagehot
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National Trails Day (First Saturday of June)
Go with us where
the locals go!

Hiking and trekking
experiences around the
mainland of Puerto Rico.
Small groups only!

You should wear light
clothing, comfortable
shoes or hiking boots (no
sandals or flip flops).


El Yunque Night Hikes
Glow-in-the-dark Mushroom
El Yunque Hidden Wonders
El Yunque EcoTour


The Land of the Pirates


La Mina Falls


Curet Waterfalls
Los Pichachos


Cerro Puntita
San Cristóbal Canyon
Gunnar is passionate about new Peru
tours that support community based
ecotourism and conservation and has
initiated several project this way.

Additionally, we give 20% discount if
you travel with us for more that 7 days
in Peru. The final price will be
reasonable even for small parties of
only 2 people.  The offer is valid until
March  14.

Luxury VIP Birdwatching

If you want the best birding and the
most comfortable 5 star hotels and
lodges, this category is for you. Most
such tours will be customized. Let us
know length of the trip and where you
want to go and we shall find the perfect
solution for you. Write us:
Extreme birding.

Birdwatching 24/7. This is hardcore
and very intense. We will do what it
takes to get the birds. Sometimes the
infrastructure may be lacking so we
have to resort to very basic
accomodation or camping. On these
trips it is birdwatching all the time.
Endemics and special birds are
priority.  Birdphotography is not a
priority on these trips. These trips are
suitable for people who want to get
massive lists and are prepared to work
hard for it. HIkes may be involved.,
sometimes for several days,

Don't find your target species here?
Write us, to get a customized itinerary.  
Send us an email to
Easy Birdwatching

You don't want to bird 24/7. You like to
take your time. There are no long
hikes. You sleep at good hotels. Take
a few of the trips or day trips listed
here and you can if you wish alternate
with other programs. Some of these
trips, especially the day trips, could be
thrown in to a cultural program in which
you have a free day.

Ask us about  traditional cultural
programs in Peru by sending an email
Moderately difficult birding.

On these trips it is birdwatching all the
time, but we make all the effort to get
to the hotel before dark. The birds are
in general easy to see, but the
diversity can often be extreme making
the species richness quite
overwhelming.  The pace is usually not
overly intense, yet, some trips may
have new hotel nights every night, so
pace can at times be intense due to
this fact. We concentrate on good
views and even though these trips are
not labeled as photography trips,
opportunities for photography are
frequently given. Sometimes there may
be walks or hikes on these trips but
rarely for full days. There is no
camping involved.
Daily, flexible departures
5 hrs. (departing from Luquillo)
2 hrs.
La Mina Trail - 1.2 km / .7 mi
650 - 500 mts / 2,132 - 1640 ft.
Big Tree Trail - 1.4 km / .7 mi
550 - 500 mts. - 1,804 - 1,640 ft.
Not later than 2 PM, Luquillo
No minimum
La Mina and Big Tree
Entrance fee, bottled water,
local fruit juice, picnic style
lunch, towels
Moderate to challenging
Please contact us for information and quote.  For challenging or strenuous hikes, visit this link.
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Updated April 13, 2017.
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Gay friendly
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