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To my beloved Mother, my inspiration
during all my life, my Guide, and friend.
1928 - 2011
My Title
My Title
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"A great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do." Walter Gagehot
My Title
· n a t u r e  ·  e c o t o u r s ·  c u l t u r a l  ·  e d u c a t i o n a l ·  t o u r s ·
· Nature & Soft Adventure Operator · Consultants · Trainers · Mayagüez · Luquillo · San Juan · Fajardo · Ceiba ·
Tourism Educators Workshops 2004 - 2007
International Tourist Guide Day 2004 - 2007
National Trails Day 2003 - 2007
Celebrate Urban Birds 2007
Interpretation Workshops 2003 - 2007
These activities
are possible
thanks to
volunteers like
our partners and

Sustainable Tourism Best Practices Manual, 2006 (Spanish).
Outdoor Recreation Manual (2007, Spanish).
Heritage Interpretation Techniques for Outdoor Adventure Kayak Guide Certification
Manual (2008, Spanish).
Environmental Interpreter Certification Manual (2012, Spanish)
Environmental Interpretation and Community Tourism Certification Manual - Reserva
Natural Humedal Punta Tuna - Natural Resources and Environmental Department
(2013, Spanish).
ADVENTOURS has been heavily involved in building professional associations (tour guides and
tour operators), a policy that has led to the future implementation of guidelines for tour guides and
tour operators through the
Best Practices Committee of the Puerto Rican Association of
Interpretation and Education, Inc. (
APIE).  In October, 2007, Occupational Standards for Outdoor
Nature Guides and Outdoor Adventure Kayak Guides where developed for the first time.
From the desk of Hilda Morales
Owner of AdvenTours and President/Founder of the Puerto Rican
Association of Interpretation and Education, Inc. (APIE)
Birding Activities

January - Vieques Christmas Bird Count, since 2005.
May - Endemic Bird of Puerto Rico Festival at the Maricao State Forest, since 2002.
May - Celebrate Urban Birds at Mayagüez Historical District, since 2007.
June - National Trails Day, since 2003.
December - Maricao/Sabana Grande and Mayagüez Christmas Bird Count, since 2002.  
Vieques since 2005, and Maunabo, since 2013.
Tour Guides - Workshops / Continuing Education

Interpretation Workshops, since 2003.
International Tourist Guide Day (February), since 2004.
National Congress of Tour Guides of Puerto Rico, 2006, 2007, 2011, 2013.
municipal agencies, such as:  Forest Service, Puerto Rico Tourism Company, National Parks
Service, Department of Natural Resources and Environment, Fish and Wildlife Service, Institute of
Puerto Rican Culture, Department of Transportation and Public Works, and others.

Birding activities, workshops for Tour Guides and Tourism Educators are coordinated by APIE as
part of our commitment and corporate social responsibility.
Tourism Educators - Workshops/Continuing Education

Tourism Educators Workshops, since 2004.
Culinary Tourism Workshops, since 2005.
Tour Guides - Certifications

Heritage Interpretation Techniques for Outdoor Adventure Kayak Guide, 2008.
Occupational Standards - Outdoor Nature Guide and Outdoor Kayak Adventure Guide,
Birding Techniques, 2010.
Environmental Interpreter, 2012.
Special thanks to those who believed in us!!!
...including my beloved Mother Hilda Nieves,

...and especially GOD!